My name is Fredrik Grönqvist and I am a certified coach (Mindset), ctb psychologist (University of Gothenborg), certified Zen coach and ayurvedic health practitioner (Ayurvedaskolan i Markaryd). My passions are in the fields of psychology, holistic health, coaching and personal- and spiritual development. I live in Sweden and coach mainly through skype. Feel free to contact me and book a first session.


Mindyourheart offers high quality services in the field of psychology, health, spirituality and coaching:

Ayurvedic Health coaching - 90 min 750 kr, 60 min 600 kr.

Life coaching - 60 min - 600 kr

Cognitive therapy - 60 min 600 kr

Spiritual life coaching - 60 min 600 kr (package 10 sessions - 5000 kr)




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