Self love and compassion

02/02/2016 13:30

My journey to self love and compassion: A creative, alive, magical self love and compassion experiment


This morning set the inspiring and powerful intention for a new journey, a love journey with my heart, starting where I am with nothing to loose. An inspiring experiment with the intention to be 100 loving and compassionate to myself, my inner child and inner, beloved Divine. Yes, I am curious. What would my life look like? 


What new situation, people and circumstances can my soul attract and what wonderful miracles could there be in store for me? What will start happening if I commit to  this intention and make it my nr. one discipline and top priority in every moment: to choose, unconditional acceptance, self compassion, forgiveness, self love and care for myself exactly as the angels and Divine encourage me to do. What if this was the most important thing and the most beautiful gift I and everyone else could give to myself and the world. What if I could inspire and help heal the everyone with my committment to loving and compassion myself first. Motivated, excited and inspired by the whispers of my beloved angels I was willing to give it a try...